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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business


"Are recurring plans cheaper than one-time visits?"

Yes, recurring plans have priced lower than a one time visit. Recurring plans. look at our cancellation policy for cancellation requests.

"I lock my house for the day when I leave for work, what do you recommend I do so you can get in?"

If you lock your house during the day, we can negotiate on how you would like us to get into your home for cleaning. 

Some popular options are:

- Leaving a key outside the property

- Lending an extra key

- Leaving house unlocked (we can lock up after cleaning)

- Having someone there to let us in

Billing & Cancellation

Payments Accepted

We accept payments through:

- Cash

- Check

- Debit/Credit Card 

Cancellation Policy

Recurring plans can be canceled after 4 visits. On your fourth visit, after the payment, a cancellation request can be completed.

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